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The power of food: Providing Socio-Economic opportunity for refugees marginalised in U.K society

We need you!

Help Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) on it's social mission to provide socio-economic opportunities for refugees marginalised in U.K society, through the lens of food.

Who are we?

SOOP is a social enterprise with the mission of addressing the marginalisation of refugees living in the U.K.

Founded this summer by two SOAS alumni and one current student, SOOP's socio-economic approach promotes employability and challenges the social exclusion of refugees living in London, the U.K and beyond. SOOP wishes to create an inclusive idea of community which doesn't simply tolerate difference, but celebrates it.

How does it work?

Central to SOOP is the entrepreneurial culinary training programme for refugees who wish to start gaining the skills needed to work in the UK's food industry.

Part of this support includes launching their own culinary ventures such as supper club and catering businesses.

* By making social interaction with London’s communities a key part of SOOP's approach, SOOP host monthly food stories supper clubs. These currently champion established migrant and refugee supper club chefs, and the stories behind the food. *

Acting as a forum for interaction and awareness building, SOOP's ongoing supper clubs will provide our future programme participants with  the space to explore their own stories and identities beyond the label 'refugee'.

Become part of the SOOP community and put your different skills to use to make SOOP a force for good.

Examples of where money raised will go:

- Venue and kitchen hires

- Professional kitchen equipment

- Lesson materials

- Trainer Costs

- Bursaries for our participants

Help us make 2017 a SOOPer year! After the 10-12 week pilot programme in March of next year, SOOP will extend the programme to include further modules and invite new cohorts to begin the programme. SOOP's monthly supper clubs will continue to champion guest chefs and raise awareness of SOOP's wider work and philosophy.

Support us! We have a range of rewards available for those who donate to the project. Some people may want to support the project in other ways and we welcome any help in spreading the word of our campaign. Please share this page with your friends, family & networks and join us at one of our monthly supper clubs and events.

Connect with us! Follow us on Instagram (soop_stories), Twitter (soop_stories) and like our Facebook page (Stories On Our Plate)

5 months ago

We've reached our target! A huge thank you to everyone who has donated! What a great way to kick off 2017 and support our pilot training programme. This year is looking pretty good.

We wish you the very, very best of luck for this great project!

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you to everyone who has donated, please remember to tell everyone you can - only 21 days to go!

8 months ago

Thanks to all those who have supported us so far! Only one day down and already the pledges are rolling in....

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Good luck!! xxx

Sounds a great project, Good Luck!

Good luck, great idea!

Fab project - very happy to support innovative social projects by fellow alumni

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