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Transitions: Migrating, Integrating, Innovating


The SOAS African Development Forum (ADF) is a student-driven platform for championing African development, bringing together leading thinkers in the field to stimulate informed discussion, challenge orthodox narratives, and bridge gaps in understanding between various development stakeholders.

In line with this year's theme, Transitions: Migrating, Integrating, Innovating , the 7th Forum will explore the changing political, economic, and socio-cultural structures shaping African transitions from without and within. Panels include Agenda 2063: Now, What Next? , discussing the African Union's long-term strategy and vision, and Ghosts from the Past: Migration and the Slave Trade , a hard look at how the continent's past is - or is not - still shaping its present, occurring alongside workshops, speakers, and other activities throughout the weekend!

Hosted by the University of London’s Centre of African Studies – the largest centre of expertise on Africa outside of the continent – the ADF organises an annual conference on different themes of interest, building on the ideas and expectations of those on the continent, and the contributions of the diaspora. Now in its 7th year, the ADF also runs a recently established blog dedicated to contemporary African affairs, Timbuktu , which provides a permanent space for debate, dialogue and conversation about Africa.

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