SOAS Languages Project

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pledged of £10,000 target
8 months, 2 weeks ago

The School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics has received a generous donation from Brooke Beardslee to support the teaching of African languages. The gift will help us to support fractional colleagues and to ensure that Amharic and Zulu will be taught during the next academic year despite the pressures of Covid-19.

African languages have been taught at SOAS since our foundation in 1916 and SOAS is the only UK institution to teach Amharic and Zulu.

Brooke Beardslee said: "As the English language continues to dominate global diplomacy, commerce, academia and so on, so too does our world drift into a kind of homogeneity. Add to this the death of languages, also known as linguicide, happening at a rate of one language lost every two weeks. Language is not just about communicating, it's also about one's identity. With each linguicide, we lose so much. SOAS gets this, however, and as an institution that has historically been at the forefront of language preservation, it is an honor for me to support the continuation of Zulu and Amharic."

Brooke Beardslee is a SOAS alumna (BA Politics 1988 and MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies 2018) and the former President of the American Friends of SOAS.