SOAS Languages Project

A project by: SOAS University of London

pledged of £15,000 target
Enhance language learning at SOAS through scholarships, research and digitisation

Language permeates all aspects of human life. It has a direct impact on human rights, cohesion of societies, enfranchisement and empowerment. It is through language that culture is preserved, practised and cultivated. SOAS is determined to continue teaching, documenting and researching the vast languages of the world, including those that are endangered, ensuring their preservation for future generations. To do this we need your help. 

SOAS is uniquely placed to inform and shape current thinking about the economic, political, cultural, security and religious challenges of our world. The study of languages allows our students to truly understand and engage with the regions they study. We believe that we cannot understand our regions of expertise without also engaging with their languages and cultures. They reveal a different perspective of the world. 

We are proud that we are the only institution in the UK to offer many of the languages we teach and sit within a tiny group of universities who are preserving such languages globally. We offer a range of languages that can be studied as a full undergraduate programme with an immersive year abroad, as a joint degree and as an open option to enrich and complement the learning experience. 

The languages we teach are strategically important and vulnerable. Many are major regional languages with millions of speakers and home to innumerable literary and cultural treasures. These are also vital languages in the UK the US and other countries in the West, bringing together diverse communities. Understanding them provides the key to central global discourses.

Our aim is to make languages accessible for everyone across the globe. By donating, you are allowing a future generation of linguists to study languages through scholarships. You are also supporting our language digitisation project, which sustains our collections, protects specialist languages, and makes them available to the world.

Languages are at the heart of SOAS and, with your help, they will continue to thrive. 

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