Keep the Helen Kanitkar Library open!

A project by: Jonelle Twum


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The HKL is an excellent resource for students of the Anthropology Department. It would be a huge loss if it is allowed to close.

Designed to get you through the magic £500 mark in good time to ensure your project viability! But WHY are SOAS Anthropology Dept not themselves getting involved in this - surely they have the money to help too ????

The Helen Kantikar Library is a learning space for students at different levels to meet and to learn from each other. This peer support is highly effective: many, many students have told me that without the HK library, they would not have completed their studies successfully. Jonelle has great plans with the HK library. Donations are needed to put these plans into effect.

Thanks to Helen and Hemant and all those who have kept the HKL&RC going for so many years

Love our social learning space which actually works extremely effectively ** exactly because it is dedicated and site-specific**. Much work gets done here towards various things, including: student peer to peer learning, mentoring down the generations / cohorts, pastoral and study peer support, and cranking up a level or three of research work, thanks to synergies and cross-fertilisations. When I asked a SOAS leaver what wisdom they would have me pass on to new students, they replied: " Tell them that in SOAS Anthropology, they will have many conversations which will begin but never finish......." In HKL some of those conversations get started and developed.