Denise Acford In Memory Access Scholarship

A project by: SOAS University of London

pledged of £36,000 target

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Denise was fantastic. I'm sorry the students who gain from this scholarship in her memory won't have the chance to meet her in person but they will surely benefit from this scholarship in her memory, and feel the warmth and respect she engendered. May they do her proud!

In memory of Denise, who was a wonderful person.

I feel fortunate to have had Denise as a colleague and friend. Her support, dedication, humour and kindness made working on the Diploma an absolute joy.

I did not know Denise personally, but I loved my time at SOAS and I am happy to donate a little.

Denise was an instrumental part of the PG Diploma course. She was always there to help students, tutors and lecturers with her kindness, efficiency and with a smile. In memory of Denise - much missed.

Denise lived right at the heart of the Diploma Course. She just kept the whole show on the road with such skill and grace. We all miss her so very much.

Denise brought smiles and sunshine to Chinese Art studies at SOAS, although not knowing her very well, I think this is a nice project

The SOAS Diploma course opened new worlds of art and culture and is a remarkable programme. Denise was so much a part of its success. Her warmth, kindness, patience, and devotion to SOAS and its students will always be missed.

Denise was so supportive to me, as were the whole Department. This award will reflect the values of the staff and students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Asian Arts embodied in remembrance of Denise.

Thanks for everything, Denise. Your enthusiasm and warmth made all the difference. We'll remember you. Rosemary

Denise was a wonderful and life-enhancing person and I can’t believe that she’s no longer with us.

Denise was such a lovely person. She is greatly missed by us all. Grant Woods

Denise was so helpful when I was considering applying and always a knowledgeable source of support and encouragement. Thank you. Denise.

In memory of Denise, the extraordinary program she helped build with Hettie and others, and very great sadness at her early loss.