Can you support the care and development of the Brunei Gallery Artwork & Object Collections?

Donations support the preservation and display of the collections from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Brunei Gallery, SOAS

The Brunei Gallery, SOAS is well known for its programme of changing exhibitions, having presented almost 200 exhibitions over the last 25 years. Did you know that we have our own collection of artwork and objects and that many of these exhibitions have included items from our collections?

The Brunei Gallery Artwork & Object Collections

The Collections in our care are the result of gifts, donations and bequests to the Gallery and SOAS from visiting dignitaries, SOAS staff, alumni and individuals with items relating to SOAS’s subjects, area and regions of study. These collections continue to develop with every new acquisition and your donations will help us to continue to enhance and look after the objects and artworks in our care so they can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

You can see some of the highlights of our collections on our website

How your donation will help

The artwork & object collection is small and growing, so your donation makes a huge difference to what we can do. Your donation will help us:
  • Care for and research the objects and artworks in our care
  • Make collections accessible to students and the wider public
  • Make our collections accessible - digitally and on display
We will provide updates about what your donation is helping us achieve. Every donation makes a real difference. If you're able, please support our Collections today. Thank you.

Donations of artworks and objects

If you would like to donate an artwork or object to our collection, please contact us at