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4 years ago

YOU DID IT!! You helped us raise £1,065 to implement our event series Words that Travel! Thank you all so so much for your support! 

Now we are hitting the ground running to put together the final touches for the first Words that Travel: African Poetry taking place on Saturday. Make sure you attend if you can, the full programme can be found here:

In the meantime, for those of you who claimed rewards whilst pledging here is the break-down of delivery;

  • Pledge £5 or more reward: We will be publishing your name as a donor on our website just before the event on Saturday
  • Pledge £15 or more reward: The personal shout outs on social media will be happening just after the event on Saturday. Please e-mail us your social media handles/names so we can tag you - our e-mail address is
  • Pledge £50 or more reward: Your literary goodie bag will be ready for collection on the day of the event (Saturday). If you are unable to make it please e-mail us at to let us know so we can make alternative arrangements
  • For those who claimed the 'Pledge £1 or more' reward will be listed on the website as donors who wished to remain anonymous. If you would like your name to be on the website as a donor please let us know as soon as you can by e-mailing us on

With literary love and warmth, 

Marcelle, Henry and Zaahida

4 years ago

Hello everyone!

Wishing you a happy new year! Our eventbrite has now gone live and you can now reserve your free ticket to the first Words that Travel event focusing on African Poetry!

You can find the details here:

Thanks for your support and please help make this crowdfunding more of a success by share, share, sharing! Please remember that for those who have selected a reward whilst pledging that the rewards will be ready on the day of the event and immediately afterwards (shout-outs).

Hope to see you on Saturday 23rd January to get some good feels of African Poetry and Culture!

With literary love and warmth,

Marcelle, Henry and Zaahida

4 years ago

Hi everyone! 

Thank you so much for your pledges thus far in helping implement our event series Words that Travel! We really appreciate your support so far. We have 18 days *eek* left to raise just under £1,000 and would be grateful if you could share our crowdfunding campaign among your respective networks!

So please share, share, share and take part in our #LoveAfricanLiterature posts. The soft press release for the first of the three events is now live on our website - check it out here:

Also just for fun, the co-founders are battling out their nominations for which should win our 'Book' of the Year! Check out the pitches in the video below and cast your vote here:  

With literary love and wishes,

Marcelle, Henry and Zaahida

The Afrikult. team