Help us take part in the World SamulNori Competition!

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Help us take part in the World SamulNori Competition!


We are the SOAS Samulnorians! (Rory Isom, Afsheen Butt, Alexandra Mata, Henry Ashworth, Andrew Segar...and our excellent teacher, SOAS Senior Teaching Fellow Nami Morris!) 

We are a group of first year SOAS students who have been learning SamulNori, a percussion genre originating in Korea, and we are going to compete in the World SamulNori Competition in Chilgok, South Korea. We will be representing SOAS on a global stage and competing again SamulNori groups from all over the world! 

However we need your help to raise the £1,500 needed for us to take part in the competition.


We first met back in October 2014 as SOAS freshers, having had no previous experience of SamulNori. Over the course of the first term, we became very close as a group and SamulNori soon became a shared favourite class! The last year has been a great experience and we have progressed tremendously as a group, so much so, that we have decided to compete in the "22nd World SamulNori Competition". We will be competing against talented groups from all over the world and will be able to act as ambassadors for SOAS and represent the School on an international level. Not only do we get the opportunity to perform but we will also be able to meet world-renowned SamulNori teachers and improve our skills in their workshops. 

Just a year ago we were complete beginners and this is an amazing opportunity after working so hard to carry on this wonderful musical tradition. We hope the competition will inspire future SOAS students and show them what they can achieve with a little determination, passion and support from those around them.


Your support will enable us to participate in this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Your donations will go towards travel and accommodation costs, costumes and a workshop with world-leading SamulNori teachers!

Any surplus donations will go towards purchasing new SamulNori instruments for the SOAS Music Department. 


We really appreciate any support you can give us. When you donate, we will add you to a special VIP section of our SamulNori page where you will have access to a blog where you can get to know more about the members of our group, see us rehearse in workshops, meeting master players, competing in the tournament itself and REALLY live the journey with us. Who knows? You may even become inspired to learn more about the tradition yourself!


Come check out all the fun at where will be uploading the latest videos, images and status updates so you can join in and follow us throughout the tournament. Make sure to hit that follow/like/join (Whichever you fancy) and receive all of the latest news!


We would greatly appreciate your contributions and won't be able to do this without your help! With your donations, we can do something that no other first year group has done before. Donations of any size are welcome! 

Donations are not the only way help us out: spread the word! Share this page, tell your friends and family and colleagues about what we're doing and see if this is something they would like to support. Everything helps!

We hope that your support can help us take part in this incredible, once-in- a-lifetime opportunity. 

If you want to get involved in this project, you can help us out by giving a generous donation or spreading the word online.

Thank you once again!

The SOAS Samulnorians

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I would have been pleased/relieved to have been given an alternative secure way of paying other than pay-pal which I found Is an incredibly difficult site to manouvre around compared with my usual Nat West Secure service. The much older generation is not generally as computer literate as the younger generations. I wish the project well and I am sure that my grandson will have gained much in confidence and in other ways educationally by participating in this project. Thank you. E.H.Cattaway

Give it some welly mate and rock `n` roll.............Best wishes Coxy

All the best to the ensemble and you Rory from Grandad

Hello Andrew and other samulorians - best of luck to you in the competition. Jean

Hi Andrew - hope that the competition goes really well. James and Kate

All the best in the competition Andrew and the other team members . from Claire

Good luck guys!!!!!

go get 'em Nami taylor

Go get em' Nami taylor

Good luck to you all. Enjoy yourselves.

Good luck and have great fun!

Good luck!

Nami and Andrew, good luck! I have great faith in you both.

We expect you to get first prize... to beat the previous SOAS participants (including me!) back in 1995, 1997 and 2001... Greetings to Kim Duk Soo and all his gang!

Have a great time representing SOAS and aim high

Good luck guys!!