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Discover the community spirit

Uniting communities through the simple act of sharing a meal

The Ramadan Tent Project is an award-winning initiative founded by SOAS students, which aims to participate in social change by creating bridges between individuals, bringing together communities, and fostering interfaith dialogue through our flagship project, Open Iftar.

First launched in 2013 under the Ramadan Tent Project banner, Open Iftar invites the homeless and the public at large, Muslims and non-Muslims, to break fast together at dusk during the holy month of Ramadan.


Thanks to generous donations, we have been running Open Iftar every year since 2013. Creating a Ramadan atmosphere in the heart of London, the Open Iftar allows us to unite different communities through the simple act of a sharing a meal. We strongly believe in promoting interfaith dialogue, connecting neighbours and undertaking charitable endeavours.   

We welcome all communities, celebrate diversity of cultures and provide a platform for discussion, by inviting distinguished guests to speak at the Open Iftar tent.

"A fresh, inspiring, noble and much-needed project" - Mehdi Hasan, Al-Jazeera Presenter/Journalist

Help us make Open Iftar 2016 happen!

It is only through donations that we have been able to run Open Iftar. Since 2013 we have served over 20,000 meals to people from all walks of life at the tent.

The success of the project has inspired Open Iftar tents in Manchester (UK), Plymouth (UK), Istanbul (Turkey), Ndola (Zambia), Toronto (Canada), Portland (USA) and with your help we hope to make Open Iftar 2016 in London a success.

Where will the money go?

- Food costs (water, dates, food parcels, fruit)
- Fuel cost for food deliveries to homeless shelters
- The costs of the tent
- Lighting and sound system
- Banners, leaflets and other informative materials
- Tent supplies (cutlery, paper plates, napkins) and logistical costs (such as insurance)
- A portion of the money raised above the minimum needed will support Open Iftar's in our host cities
- Towards a continuation of our work to foster interfaith dialogue and build community cohesion
- If we hit our full target, funding will be used to support the process in hosting Open Iftar 2017


We have a range of rewards available for those who donate to the project but we understand that some people may want to support the project in other ways. Please share this page with your friends, family & networks and join us at one of our locations for Open Iftar in 2016 to discover the community spirit.

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Excellent project! Happy to support. :-)

Thank you very much for having us as guests for the OMA event last Friday.

Masha'Allah! What you guys are doing is wonderful. Keep up the good work and may Allah bless you all for it.

We (Muslims) also have our own agenda;)

Well done guys! keep up the good work!

Mashallah, this is such a great idea! I hope that the open iftar makes its way to the US if it hasn't already. Good luck with the last 10 nights!

I dont like having to give access to my facebook account in order to make a donation

Fantastic Well done. What an inspiring project

keep up the good work

Keep up the good work

Amazing work goes into it the project and I hope to see it flourish inshaAllah.

Masha allah, another year of Ramadan Tent; its a great way to bring people together, from all walks of life, promoting peace & unity.

Keep up the good work

A truly inspiring project and all the best to the RTP team! <3 SOAS

May your good work long continue :)

Such a meaningful project! The embodiment of Ramadan spirit. Looking forward to being there.

This project is a great initiative that reflects a great community spirit. It brings people from different backgrounds, different religions and different communities to see only the human side of everyone. I've been volunteer last year and can't wait to do so again this year 2016 iA Hamid Rabhi