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An Afrikan vision of the world through the lens.


My name is Lisa Aissaoui and I'm a BA African Studies student at SOAS.  My friend Tiffany Kamagate and I, led by our passion for photography and our own African heritage, came together to form Afroshoot. We recognised the need to value and highlight African heritage and perspective within photography and wanted to provide a platform to highlight the many amazing African photographers who have been under-represented. 


AfroShoot is a platform to promote African photographers and photographers of  African descent. Much of the photography of Africa, that is highlighted or given a platform is the work of Western photographers. The platform aims tol move away from a Western lens and a Eurocentric focus to highlight photography from within Africa and the African diaspora. This will allow a different perspective, vision and narrative of Africa to be represented through photography by Africans and the African diaspora. 
Afroshoot will consist of two parts: 

Online Platform

The online support exists in the form of a website and is the backbone to the project, acting as the initial exhibition space for photographers. The website will promote the artists, their work, events and exhibitions while supporting them through additional services including fundraising and advice. The website will allow the artists featured by AfroShoot to be represented in a current and easily accessible format.
The other aspect of AfroShoot is its physical presence in London both short-term and long term. Short term, AfroShoot will host events such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, networking events, each with a unique thematic concept.
In the long term, AfroShoot already has plans in the making! We plan to launch an annual African Photography Festival in London with the view to establishing a small, permanent exhibition space London to host exhibitions, networking events and workshops. 
On a regular basis, the team is dedicated to assisting photographers based in Africa and undertake projects such as constructing dark rooms, organising workshops in the UK and abroad and to explore exciting project proposals made by other photographers!Ais


We were very fortunate to win funding towards our Afroshoot project from O2 Think Big and the SOAS Student Enterprise IGNITE Competition. These funds have gone some way towards funding the website, however we still need your help to finish the website and launch on Afroshoot in June 2016.
We need:
-To complete the Afroshoot website 
-To fund a launch event in June 2016 at SOAS 
-To fund an African photography exhibition as part of the launch

The launch:
We will invite artists to showcase their work at the launch and have already confirmed acclaimed Ethiopian photographer, Michael Tsegaye as a speaker and exhibition artist. The launch will also include spoken word and live African music from Nelson & Friends and Moussa Coulibaly. 
Please pledge today and help us make Afroshoot a reality!
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